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Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications with Blast Dial Functionality

Alternate Communications During Cyber-Attacks & Immediate Response Situations

In today’s world, cyber-attacks and emergencies are more prevalent and sophisticated than ever before. Cyber-criminals are evolving; finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in networks and systems, making it increasingly difficult for …

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Compunetix ConferenceManager5v

A New Private-Cloud, Secure, Collaboration Solution from Compunetix

Compunetix is excited to announce a new product to add to our line of trusted collaboration platforms. The ConferenceManager5v (CM5v) is a state-of-the-art, virtualized conferencing platform engineered to deliver highly secure audio and web conferencing to commercial and government markets. …

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Discover Our New JITC ConferenceManager™5v for Secure Critical Communications

Compunetix has an exciting new product announcement, a JITC certified, virtualized conferencing solution for DoD and military markets.

The JITC certified ConferenceManager5v is a state-of-the-art, virtualized audio-conferencing platform engineered to deliver a highly secure audio conferencing for military and …

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