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Digital Student Services

Are you looking for a more streamlined approach to virtual meetings between staff and students, especially during busy registration periods? Automate your virtual student services securely through your website with Compunetix Video Call Center (VCC). We offer an advanced workflow solution for administrative services that provides one-click virtual access, with or without an appointment.

Distance learning and virtual administration make education and job training more accessible for students. It also gives college administrators and staff the flexibility to meet with students from their home, office, or other convenient locations. The growing demand for virtual learning is increasing, as more students, educators, administrators, and staff recognize its benefits. On-demand staff availability  allows for flexibility, affordability, improved skillsets, and improved school-life balance. It allows many college students to maintain their jobs, care for children, or simply prioritize self-care. Higher education is evolving; students have jobs, families, and other commitments that prevent them from going to school in-person. Offering virtual on-demand meetings and distance learning is a combination that can increase access to higher education to students from all backgrounds.

With Video Call Center (VCC), students have the option of communicating with their advisors and administrators face-to-face from any location, at the student’s convenience. From academic advising to financial aid, VCC is an intuitive video call center solution. Overall, virtualizing student services can offer a more convenient, efficient, accurate, secure, and cost-effective way to support and serve students.

Provide Student Services Virtually

  • Enrollment
  • Admissions
  • Financial aid
  • New student orientation
  • Academic advising
  • Mental well-being
  • Class registration
  • Technical support

Virtualizing student services can offer many benefits, including:

  1. Convenience: Virtual student services allow students to access human-to-human support and resources from any location with an internet connection, rather than having to visit a physical location.
  2. Efficiency: Virtual student services can help streamline the process of accessing all the support and resources, as students can easily find the information they need and complete necessary tasks online in one session.
  3. Accuracy: Virtual student services can reduce errors and inconsistencies that can occur with manual processes.
  4. Security: Virtual student services can offer increased security for sensitive student interactions, as they typically include measures such as encrypted connections and secure login procedures.
  5. Cost savings: Virtual student services can save time and resources by eliminating the need for paper-based processes and the need for students or staff to physically visit a service location.

Education and Distance Learning Solutions

Distance learning has been an instrumental tool in expanding education in recent years. With communication and collaboration technologies like ours, K-12 and higher education institutions are able to offer classes, tutoring, and more flexibility to students and educators, no matter where they are.

The Compunetix Distance Learning solution provides a reliable and secure tool for educators to conduct lectures or collaborative classroom experiences. Integrated with our call management tools like our Audio and Operator Console, teachers can easily manage their individual classes, while Help Desk Operators monitor all live classes, place or move incoming student callers to their correct “classroom”, and respond to any potential requests for assistance.

Help Desk Operator Console

Operator Console allows for full management of distance learning classes. Professors, students, and general users who need assistance on their call can dial *00 to privately speak to the Help Desk operator. The intuitive agent interface allows operators to effortlessly view and manage all call participants, troubleshoot connections, or even join calls , Digital Student Serviceswhen necessary.

  • Supports multiple Help Desk System Operators
  • Operator screening provides an added layer of call security
  • Easily drag and drop students into their classes
  • Intuitive management of live break-out sessions
  • Supports ad-hoc dial out to students/instructors
  • Fully web-based application

Audio Console for Classroom Management

During classes, teachers have full call management capabilities that enable them to conduct lectures, classroom discussions, with order and ease.

  • Dial-out and quick invite tools to bring in necessary resources, Digital Student Services
  • Sub-conferencing rooms for break-out sessions
  • Active-talker to identify who is speaking
  • Listen/talk/mute/disconnect controls
  • Lecture mode
  • Recording

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