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Reservation, Scheduling and Billing

Simplify scheduling, maintain billing, and manage back-end operations with the Reservation, Scheduling, and Billing (RSB). The CONTEX Reservation, Scheduling, and Billing (RSB) 5 system enables efficient management of all back-office operations for unattended and attended conferences. The RSB comprehensively merges the three elements of conferencing—reservations, scheduling, and billing—through a feature-rich, web-based interface. In addition to its broad capabilities, the RSB 5.0 provides the same quality and reliability expected of every product in the Compunetix CONTEX line. When employed with the CONTEX Summit media processor, the easy-to-use software package provides a complete solution for conference management. Furthermore, the highly trusted CONTEXT RSB has been processing reservations for some of the world’s largest CSPs for over twenty years.

Efficient Back-Office Management

The RSB 5 provides greater scalability and advanced performance for resource allocation and conference management.

  • Reservations: Arrange reservations for on-demand conferences, one-time meetings, or recurring conferences. Weekly, biweekly, or complex patterned reservations can also be scheduled.

  • Meeting Notifications: In addition to meeting invitations, hosts and guests can also receive reminders for upcoming conferences, iCalendar attachments, and other notifications.
  • Specified User Roles: Easily assign user access levels for system administration, operations account administration and more.
  • Structured Account Management: Effortlessly create or remove hierarchical customer accounts.
  • Multi-Tenant Support: Simultaneously support multiple tenants accessing the system on custom client interfaces.
  • Data Migration and Integration: Import/integrate information from other databases, including the CONTEX® Passcode Server.
  • Reports: Generate and view reports detailing reservations, scheduling, and system utilization with a single click, or effortlessly export report details into various mediums including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe® PDF and more


The RSB 5.0 has been re-engineered to provide greater scalability and performance.

  • Architecture: Upgraded compatibility with the Microsoft SQL Server allows the RSB 5.0 to utilize a reliable, robust, and high-level database.
  • Pattern Reservations: Arrange reservations for recurring conferences in an instant, saving time and minimizing human errors.


With its advanced account model, the RSB 5.0 can be modified to meet the needs of any client.

  • Billing: Set universal rates and charges, and tailor specific billing parameters per account.
  • Internationalization: Convert the system into one of the included languages or simply format the system into any language through Unicode translations.
  • User Roles: Easily assign the hierarchical level of access of each user in the system.
  • Branded Interfaces: Upload logos, brand colors, fonts, and customize text elements to create a personalized, branded interface, enabling brand recognition and allowing clients to function successfully as resellers.


  • Time Zone Management: Control time zone settings for the platform, accounts, users, and specific events for ease of use.
  • User Session Management: Keep the system and data secure by monitoring user activities and restricting unauthorized user access.
  • Search Capabilities: Quickly and easily perform searches within the database, and filter results to instantly find specific records.