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Understanding Compunetix Products

Compunetix staff helps you to use Compunetix products and services to their fullest potential

For nearly four decades, Compunetix has forged lasting partnerships with our telecom clients. We have dedicated ourselves to meeting our partners’ technology challenges, fulfilling their engineering requirements, and satisfying their business goals. From this foundation we have built an industry-leading professional services team that is fueling the greatest multipoint collaboration experience in history.

To get the most out of your investment, turn to Compunetix’ accomplished training department for maintenance and operations assistance. Choose from standard courses that are taught on site or at Compunetix’ headquarters in Monroeville, PA, or let us develop a specialized course to meet your specific needs. Compunetix training is the best way to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency.

At Compunetix we recognize the importance of meeting our customers’ needs and providing the necessary courses for educating CONTEX users for continued success. Compunetix offers a wide variety of courses designed for both new and experienced operations and technical support personnel. Each program is designed with our customers in mind. Our staff makes every effort to tailor each course around the specific needs of the customer.

Our experts can help to assess your operations environment and make critical recommendations to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. From setting metrics to defining positional roles, our experience can help guide you to a more efficient and profitable operation.

For information on receiving training for Compunetix products contact us at 412-373-8110 or email us:

Voice/Data Collaboration: csdsales@compunetix.com

Video Conferencing: vsdsales@compunetix.com

Mission-Critical Systems: fsdsales@compunetix.com

Electronics Manufacturing: isdsales@compunetix.com