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Surface Mount

Compunetix utilizes several automated SMT assembly lines and has the throughput and flexibility to quickly set up lines for quick-turn orfacilities2 production, both leaded and lead-free, as necessary.


In addition to our trained through-hole assembly technicians, we also use automated and semi-automated equipment for this type of assembly work. For mass-soldering applications, we rely on selective and wave soldering systems, both leaded and lead-free.

System Assembly

Our System/Mechanical Assembly area and wire shop is fully equipped and staffed with experienced assembly technicians. Our experience from building our OEM products ensures that our equipment and personnel are at the highest level of capability in constructing everything from harnesses to chassis to the most highly sophisticated electronic systems.

Automated Inspection

PCB assemblies that include SMT components are 100% inspected using automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment. This highly sophisticated inspection equipment quickly and efficiently checks for various potential defects.

X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray inspection methods are the only way to check the solder integrity of leadless components, such as BGAs. At Compunetix, every PCB assembly that contains BGAs or other leadless components is 100% X-Ray inspected.facilities


In addition to our normal rigorous inspection techniques and modern test facilities, highly trained and experienced test engineers are available to provide automated in-circuit testing, functional testing and environmental stressing to meet the most demanding customer specifications.

Conformal Coating

PCB assemblies often require conformal coating as a result of hazardous chemical or environmental exposure. For such applications, we utilize an automated conformal coating sprayer, which can apply various coating thicknesses of either acrylic or urethane coating. To ensure thorough coverage, we rely on a downstream fluorescencing station. The curing process is accelerated through the use of an in-line IR oven.


Compunetix has the experience and knowledge to perform in-house PCB assembly-related repair and rework operations as well as conduct inspection troubleshooting. From simple solder touchups, to removal and re-balling of BGA-type components, to PCB rework, Compunetix is fully qualified and equipped with rework stations to address these requirements. We serve as a repair and test depot for several of our customers, ensuring that their products are functioning to their original specifications. If there is a functional issue, we stand behind our assembly work 100%and remedy the situation, be it through repair or replacement.