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Team Collaboration

ConnectNowⓇ, Compunetix’s Newest Productivity Platform

Our latest collaboration and productivity platform, ConnectNow (CN), was designed to improve team communication and collaboration across all industries. CN offers high-touch, high-quality audio and video conferencing and collaboration for every level of business, from casual team meetings to …

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Upcoming ConnectNow® Enhancements

Innovate and Automate Event Conferencing with Streaming and Click-to-Join Entry

ConnectNow, the developing Collaboration workflow platform from Compunetix, continues to incorporate new features and functionality. Recent releases have included new enhancements, such as the ability for account hosts to stream …

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Government Building with Flag

State Government Solutions from Compunetix

State government agencies are not usually associated with rapid technology adoption. However, the pandemic’s restriction on in-person services combined with increased demand for digital services facilitated a much-needed examination of state government infrastructure. Government agencies need to function whether their …

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Celebrate National Technology Day with Compunetix

What would daily life be like without technology? Today, on National Technology Day, we recognize how technology can positively impact our world and our future. Each year, from airplanes to smartphones, the day honors technological achievements that have changed our …

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Dynamic & Secure ConferenceManager™

The ConferenceManager (CM) has been a trusted staple in enterprise and federal spaces for over a decade. Unlike most audio and web platforms on the market, ConferenceManager offers customized functionalities to meet the unique needs of any enterprise workflow. From …

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Choose the Best Technology for Your Business

ConnectNow is a compelling new productivity platform that enables consistent and powerful team collaboration from any modern browser. Unlike most collaboration tools on the market, ConnectNow can be customized and personalized to meet the unique needs and requirements of your …

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Hybrid Work Environment

The Future of Flexibility

Flexible work policies can be effective in almost any industry. The COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted the corporate 9 – 5 schedule as the world suddenly shifted to remote work. Today, many organizations offer a blended or hybrid model, giving employees …

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ConnectNow Login

Next-Generation Team Collaboration with ConnectNow

Effective team collaboration in the workplace is often a sign of a successful and efficient organization as it harnesses the knowledge, experience, and creativity of a group of employees working towards a common goal. Team collaboration also fosters innovative and …

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An In-Depth Look at WebRTC

What is WebRTC? Simply put, WebRTC is real-time communication technology that is built into web browsers. Developers took the audio and video codecs and embedded them into browsers with the vision of making video communications widely available to the masses. …

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Audio or Video Conferencing

How to Decide Between Video and Audio-Only Conferencing

As we emerge from COVID-19 restrictions and transition to a hybrid dominated workforce, organizations, teams, and employees are asking, how do I decide between voice and video?

Joanna Stern, personal technology columnist at the Wall Street Journal, presents five steps

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