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Voice/Data Collaboration Warranty Support

Phone Support

412-373-8110 (M-F, 9a-5p EST)

412-858-7174 (24×7)

Compunetix will provide telephone assistance to a customer in using, configuring, incident analysis, hardware replacement, installing software, and routine maintenance of Compunetix-supplied equipment. Phone support will be during normal working hours.

The customer will collect any computer files, logs, or records requested by Compunetix engineers in performance of phone support or error corrections. The collected files, logs, or records will be transmitted to Compunetix engineers in a mutually agreeable format.

Remote Diagnostics

Compunetix has the ability to remotely access the customer’s equipment by modem. The customer is responsible for providing the telephone connection and service at the customer’s premises and for arranging remote access at the mutual convenience of the customer and Compunetix.

Error Corrections

Compunetix shall be responsible for using all reasonable diligence in correcting verifiable and reproducible errors when reported to Compunetix in accordance with Compunetix standard error reporting procedures. Compunetix shall, upon verifying that such an error is present, initiate work within one (1) business day in a diligent manner toward correction of the reported error. Following completion of the correction process, Compunetix may provide temporary instructions to implement the correction in field and will include a complete correction in all subsequent releases of the licensed program, as applicable. Compunetix shall not be responsible for correcting errors in any version of the licensed program other than the most recent release of the licensed program.

On-Site Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

In the event that telephone support and remote diagnostics cannot resolve a service affecting problem within 72 hours, Compunetix will send an engineer to the customer’s location for on-site diagnostics and troubleshooting. The customer shall reimburse Compunetix for transportation expenses and for lodging and meals. The engineer will be equipped with spare parts and the customer will be charged for spares and site services, depending on the service plan purchased.

24×7 Coverage

Compunetix will provide a twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) days per week answering service with the intention of immediate call back by a Compunetix engineer and a guarantee of four (4) hour call back. In the event of an outage, Compunetix will begin error correction immediately at the time the Compunetix engineer contacts the customer. An outage is defined as: Inability to initiate or receive calls or build conferences, or; loss of greater than 25% of conference port capacity or; loss of greater than 25% of operator consoles for systems having four (4) or more installed operator consoles.

Minor Software Enhancements

Periodically, Compunetix provides minor enhancements that add to the features or functionality of its conferencing products. The architecture of the CONTEX® allows these enhancements to be implemented with new software for the system or subsystems. Minor enhancements are based on feedback from all Compunetix customers, market comparisons, and our vision of how the products will evolve to be even more useful. Minor enhancements are installed by the customer.