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Summit Olympus™

Synonymous with high quality voice, accessibility, and feature-rich conferencing, the CONTEX Summit®media processor has long been an established leader in the audio conferencing industry.

Building on that reputation, Compunetix is proud to unveil the next advancement in audio conferencing technology – the Summit Olympus.

Reimagining an Industry Powerhouse

Beginning as the vision of our expert engineers, the Summit Olympus has evolved into a landmark audio conferencing platform in the Compunetix product line.

Housing a complete collection of upgraded hardware components, the Summit Olympus features unprecedented scale and improved system performance while maintaining the rich feature functionality of CONTEX system software.

    Olympus, Summit Olympus™
  • Increased Port Capacity
  • Heightened Peformance
  • Uniform Port Consumption
  • Cohesive Software Base
  • Optional Media Expansion

Building Upon Powerful Voice Technology

Encapsulating the rich feature functionality of the CONTEX Summit, the Summit Olympus delivers some of the most dynamic conferencing capabilities at an unprecedented scale.

  • Voice Capture
  • Recording and Playback

Olympus HD App

The biggest challenge in expanding HD usage is meeting the need for HD-capable access points. If your clients do not already have HD-capable devices, it can be a hard sell to convince them to upgrade their infrastructure solely to support HD conferencing, but without an HD phone or client, the user’s audio will downsample to standard definition. What’s the solution? Leverage what’s already in your clients’ hands.

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