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Emergency Communications

From fire departments and police stations to airports and subway systems, when emergencies occur, every second counts. First responders or executive management need an easy and efficient way to connect and collaborate on emergency response efforts as quickly as possible with minimal effort. Our Emergency Conferencing solutions use the ‘blast dial’ feature to trigger an emergency ring-down, eliminating wasted time or manual error, allowing personnel to join the conference on the fly.

When the first responder picks up a dedicated phone, it instantly creates a conference and triggers a blast dial‐out to other members of the response team. As each team member picks up, they are immediately joined to the emergency conference in progress. With scalable and flexible capacity options, the application can support multiple emergency incidents simultaneously on both SIP and PSTN telephony. Customers can rest assured that in a time of need, all first responders can be reached quickly and easily.

Emergency Features, Emergency Communications & Controls

  • No user input needed to initiate emergency blast dial
  • Instantly creates an audio conference
  • Supports unlimited number of emergency groups
  • Up to 3 phone numbers assigned per person
  • Connects emergency personnel simultaneously to a conference in progress
  • DTMF commands and a user interface for call management
  • Support up to ten sub conferences from the main audio conference
  • Mute, Unmute, Disconnect, Hold, Add Additional Caller
  • End of Call Report includes list of participants, join time, disconnect time

Flexible Deployment Options

Solution Add-On

Activated via license key, Emergency Conferencing and Notification can be quickly and easily added to the feature-rich conferencing functionality of the ConferenceManager and Summit Olympus systems.

Stand-Alone Service

As a hosted service, Emergency Conferencing and Notification (??) is cost effective and offers invaluable efficiency to emergency communication procedures without any added administration. Business Continuity Planning and Communications are now a critical element to an organization’s business work-flows. With the move to IP-based UC platforms and services, organizations still need to have a “off-net” communication strategy that can support traditional dial-in functionality (from landline or mobile end points). Compunetix is uniquely positioned to support organizations BCP or Secondary Band communication requirements.

Industries that Benefit


As major hubs for people and logistics, these facilities are on constant alert for security and require the most reliable tools to combat inevitable emergency situations. Emergency Blast Dial, and intuitive interfaces like Audio Console and Operator Console, allow for simple engagement and call management during a transportation emergency event.

Energy and Utilities

Natural disasters and outages are an ongoing threat to this industry and require these businesses to have the necessary resources available to respond efficiently and meet recovery time objectives when downtimes or disasters strike. Energy and Utilities have a regulatory requirement to be able to function “on an island” in the event that external communication systems are down. Having an internal premise-based conferencing and collaboration system, allows these industries to maintain critical communications during a crisis.


Government agencies of any type are vulnerable to any number of threats at any moment and require an emergency solution that is not only reliable and secure, but meets JITC certification standards. ConferenceManager5v is JITC-certified and can be deployed on bare metal or in a Virtual environment. ConferenceManager5v is compatible with all APL-listed voice switches and offers unmatched operational flexibility (supporting ad-hoc and scheduled conferences, as well as pre-set blast dial sessions). Compunetix JITC Solutions are deployed around the world at Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Bases.

Financial Institutions

Cyberterrorism and security breaches pose a constant threat and extraordinary damage potential to financial institutions if they do not have the tools needed to respond quickly and effectively. Financial firms leverage a variety of different tools, for internal collaboration, external client interactions, as well as trading solutions, to carry out their day-to-day business activities. Compunetix can provide unique solutions for either primary or secondary communications to each of these financial business activities, along with the ability to quickly communicate in emergency situations.