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Compunetix offers numerous accessories for customizing your mission console. For example, Compunetix offers the MC Jack Box, which can be used to increase the number of end user positions at a mission console. The MC Jack Box has left and right headset interface jacks, each with an independent volume control, an LED ring indicator, and a talk-on-red LED indicator. Another accessory is the Compunetix 4-STAR, an analog to IP gateway that interfaces analog equipment such as radios with the MVP via IP media networks. Other accessories include a broad selection of third party footswitches, handsets, and headsets. Headset options include dual long frame connectors (polarized or non-polarized) or LEMO connectors; PTT, dual PTT, and PTS options; and noise cancelling voice circuits.

Users can provide their own space, or Compunetix offers a selection of third party cabinets and racks, including special NEMA-4 enclosures and EMI hardened racks to house our equipment. Compunetix also offers third party T1 or IP recorder options to work alongside the MVP equipment, per request.

MC Series Jack Box

, AccessoriesEach MC Series Jack Box provides two headset jacks (LEMO or DLF polarized) for the MC-2RU, MC-3RU, MC-D8, MC-D10, and MC-D15 mission consoles manufactured by Compunetix, Inc. Up to two MC Series Jack Boxes can be connected to an MC Series Mission Console’s Digital Audio Processor (DAP) module or Secure Digital Audio Processor (SDAP) module via USB to provide up to four headset interfaces. Each headset jack has its own independent volume control. A blue LED lights to indicate when an incoming call is detected, and a red LED lights to indicate a headset user is talk active (PTT pressed) on a secure conference. Mounting brackets are included.

MC Console Family

Active Jack Box

, AccessoriesThe Active Jack Box supports premium headsets such as the Bose A20 for use with the Compunetix mission instruments. It provides microphone amplification as well as power for active noise canceling. Each Active Jack Box supports two headsets via 10-pin LEMO connectors.


, AccessoriesThe 4-STAR is a modern IP alternative to T1 channel banks and terminal servers. The 4-STAR is a Radio over IP (RoIP) device connecting up to 4 analog radios via an IP (SIP) network. E&M signaling on each port supports Push-to-talk (PTT) keying and includes a standard 4-wire full-duplex audio interface. The 4-STAR provides reliable and secure radio control in remote areas.

The 4-STAR provides additional common interface functions such as triggering door locks, lighting indicators, and issuing alarms. The same interfaces can be utilized to read signals or conditions from remote locations. A handset connector can be enabled for talk capability on any of the four audio channels (with or without PTT).

The 4-STAR can be used as a standalone device, but it can also provide enhanced capabilities when used in conjunction with the Compunetix Mission Voice Platform (MVP). Each port also includes an RS232/422 serial port and discrete input/output for enhanced radio control (e.g. frequency, mode, squelch, power) as supported by the MVP software. Audio and control data are transported to/from the MVP central switch over an encrypted redundant IP link.