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Telehealth Solutions

Healthcare systems encompass an immense network of resources. Coordinating communication between various hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals and auxiliary support services can present some of the most daunting technical challenges of any industry.

In addition to managing these logistics, there are ever-present requirements to reduce costs, increase productivity, protect patient confidentiality, and try to bridge the gap between the patient and the proper care that they require. At Compunetix, we help to increase collaboration capabilities so that patients can have better care at a lower cost.

Patient Triage

For Hospital Transfer Centers (or Patient Placement Centers), the end goal is the same: to be the designated point of contact for referring physicians and to provide an easy and efficient mechanism to improve patient transfers between different healthcare providers and healthcare facilities.

Key components include:

  • Locating a physician
  • Coordinating ground or air transport for a patient
  • Arrange for a bed with the most appropriate level of care so it is ready upon the patient’s arrival
  • Patient placement
  • Initiate registration paperwork including financial information and pre-certification
  • Triage consultation and referral calls

Video Call Center

The Video Call Center is a web-based transfer solution built with dynamic WebRTC technologies. WebRTC, or Web Real-Time Communication, is a method of communicating through voice, data, or video using Web Browsers. Seizing upon the opportunity to utilize this cutting edge communication technology, Compunetix has created the Video Call Center as a user-friendly solution to help alleviate the poor customer experience generally associated with web communication.

The reliability and customization of this intuitive solution lets users take the leap into the next generation of high quality remote video communications with patients and customers alike.

Offering Flexible & Accessible Care

With Video Call Center, you can deliver reliable access to healthcare from anywhere, at any time. Ensuring that those who truly need care, can find it.

  • Expand critical care & consultation to rural and under-served neighborhoods
  • Eliminate unnecessary travel for elderly and in-need patients with virtual care from the comfort of their homes
  • Allow patients to return home earlier, reducing costs and shortening length of stay without sacrificing the quality of care
Seamless Integration with Patient Portals

Streamline connections and offer easy access to remote doctor visits by integrating VCC for Healthcare into patient portals.

  • WebRTC-based, Telehealth Solutions
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Support for HD video connections
  • No downloads or application installation required
  • Video call transfer & multiparty conference capabilities
  • Highly secure with encrypted media & data connectivity
  • User-friendly & brandable interface
  • Mobile access (phones, tablets, PC)

Transfer & Access Centers

Healthcare Transfer Centers are an expansion of existing healthcare provider call center activities. These departments are often referred to as either Transfer or Access Centers. Their mission is to streamline patient placement and transfers, enabling the healthcare system to improve patient care and the overall efficiency of the healthcare system. The Compunetix ConferenceManager™ provides visual and communicative tools that enable expert Transfer Center staff to better perform their critical duties.

Streamline Patient Transfers & Admissions

Streamline operations and workflow, effortlessly coordinating teams for patient transfers, triage assessments and transportation. Easily arrange air or ground transportation and coordinate proper bed placement for new and existing patients. In doing so, many hospitals achieve:

  • Decreased bed turnover times
  • Improved patient experience and comfort care
  • Increased hospital admission rates
  • Increase in physician productivity

Transfer Center Console

Using this powerful graphical interface (GUI), Transfer Center nurses and agents can manage calls and facilitate patient transfers and , Telehealth Solutionsadmissions in real-time. With the Operator Console application, incoming calls are routed to a queue where an agent is alerted and can pick up the call. Next, the agent can page out to a physician or dial out to additional healthcare personnel. All necessary resources are conferenced together into a single call and can be associated with a patient ID, meeting subject, and be automatically recorded.

Mobile Crisis Response

When a life is at risk, coordinated care can make the difference. The growing demand for responsive and effective mental health and substance abuse services has providers seeking new ways to reach those most in, Telehealth Solutions need.

At Compunetix, we are dedicated to delivering enabling collaboration technologies that can help mobile crisis response teams expedite face-to-face assessment, intervention, and treatment. Our Video Call Center application effortlessly expands access through remote video-conferencing.

  • Integrated video chat into the website as a crisis hub
  • Simple, one-click connection
  • Easy routing and escalation to remote specialists
  • Versatile connection options, including via PC, mobile, and self-service kiosks
  • Fully brandable interface


For over the last two decades Compunetix has provided conferencing and continuing education services for small, mid, and large healthcare providers.

Unique requirements include connecting with geographically dispersed speakers, maximizing quality from tight hospital AV resources, bridging live surgeries, broadcasting practitioner panels and multiple conference centers into a fully interactive video conference.

Compunetix White Glove Service:

  • Conference specialists facilitate all elements of the virtual meeting
  • Work alongside Medical Coordinator IT Staff
  • Management of back-to-back broadcasting of surgeries
  • Recording of events for the Office of Continuing Medical Education
  • High-definition video quality
  • Multiple screen layouts
  • Full interactivity
  • Managed Q&A Sessions