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Out of the box, Compunetix audio, web, and video solutions, the Summit Olympus, ConferenceManager, and EVERGREEN are dynamic and feature-rich tools that make up the central core of our trusted and sophisticated collaboration platforms. To assist organizations in further customizing and leveraging these powerful solutions to meet their unique business processes and requirements, Compunetix also provides a collection of platform extensions. These purpose-built extensions meet a variety of specific operational and workflow requirements, which are used across many industries such as healthcare, courts and legal, emergency conferencing, trading communications, media broadcasting, energy and utility management, distance learning, JITC conferencing and much more.

Our extensions include session recording and streaming playback, a flexible reservation, scheduling and billing database application, and a web development toolkit for additional integration and web access. Furthermore, Compunetix provides custom engineering from concept to completion; we have numerous documented use cases for custom solutions in different industries.

Conference Control

, ExtensionsCONTEXWeb provides your customers real-time, flexible conference access and control anytime, from anywhere in the world. The powerful software platform enables dynamic meeting management through any modern, standard Web browser, ensuring their conferencing resources are always available. Our customers who hold meetings with geographically dispersed groups, facilitate large, attended event calls, or frequently host unattended conferences are among the many who find CONTEXWeb a vital daily tool.

With numerous benefits, CONTEXWeb provides meeting hosts with a convenient, browser-based means to view and control conference end-users. Combined with an open architecture customization, it is designed to allow quick and easy customization of the end-user interface. The open architecture also enables service providers to create specialized environments for different service levels and branded offerings. CONTEXT web also features fortifying call security by monitoring conferences in real time. Hosts have the ability to see every participant, observe their current status, and eject unauthorized callers.

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Scheduling & Billing

, ExtensionsThe CONTEX Reservation, Scheduling, and Billing (RSB) 5 system enables efficient management of all back-office operations for unattended and attended conferences. The RSB comprehensively merges the three elements of conferencing—reservations, scheduling, and billing—through a feature-rich, web-based interface.

With this tool, organizations can arrange reservations for on-demand conferences, one-time meetings, or recurring conferences (on a weekly, biweekly, or complex patterned reservations basis). Meeting notifications are an imperative addition to meeting invitations, where hosts and guests can also receive reminders for upcoming conferences, iCalendar attachments, and other notifications. Reports can be easily generated and viewed to evaluate detailing reservations, scheduling, and system utilization with a single click. Or there is an option to effortlessly export report details into various mediums including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe® PDF and much more.

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Recording & Playback

, ExtensionsThis powerful and highly secure set of audio and video solutions are helping local, state, and federal courts address the ongoing backlog of cases. With a variety of features engineered specifically for the courts and legal offices, these applications easily integrate into existing infrastructures and offer unmatched reliability and security needed to maintain seamless operations.

The CDRP can function as a stand-alone system or integrate seamlessly with the powerful CONTEX® Summit or Summit Olympus™ media processor. It features a VoIP network interface and provides comprehensive control through an easy-to-use, web-based interface. The software-based architecture runs in a Linux® operating system and facilitates growth by only requiring installation on Asterisk® server hardware.

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