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Emergency Conferencing

Emergency Communications & Unified Crisis Response

A Step-by-Step Guide: Emergency Communications & Unified Crisis Response

What is Unified Crisis Response?

Unified Crisis Response (UCR) is a planned, coordinated response to an emergency or crisis situation that involves various stakeholders and personnel from different organizations. Having a cohesive UCR plan that includes emergency conferencing capabilities is …

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Emergency Communications

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week 2023

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week (NPSTW) is an annual event that takes place during the second week of April. The week is dedicated to recognizing the crucial role that emergency telecommunicators play in keeping our communities safe. These dedicated professionals …

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Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications with Blast Dial Functionality

Alternate Communications During Cyber-Attacks & Immediate Response Situations

In today’s world, cyber-attacks and emergencies are more prevalent and sophisticated than ever before. Cyber-criminals are evolving; finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in networks and systems, making it increasingly difficult for …

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Compunetix Emergency Communications Solutions

Minimize Response Times by Implementing Emergency Preparedness and Notification Distribution

Immediate Response

When an emergency occurs, it is critical that companies have the necessary tools available to respond quickly and effectively. For this purpose, Compunetix created our Emergency Conferencing offer …

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Emergency Conferencing Workflows and Mass Notification

One of the unique, but powerful, features Compunetix offers across our audio communication and collaborations platforms is Emergency Conferencing & Notification. With the ability to easily initiate mass dial outs to designated emergency groups and services, immediately joining them …

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