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HD Voice

Across industries, the ongoing introduction of high definition (HD) products is raising the standard of excellence. High definition video, crystal-clear televisions and powerful new cameras have all revolutionized the way customers experience those products, and conferencing communication was poised for a dramatic technological advancement. That time has arrived – astonishingly clear high definition (HD) voice.

Now, HD voice can be incorporated throughout the conferencing experience. From participant voices and audio prompts to conferencing recording and playback, every sound is crisper and clearer with high fidelity audio.

HD Voice Conferencing at a Glance

The Summit Olympus™ reaches the pinnacle of voice quality by supporting HD codecs (G.722, AMR-WB (G. 722.2), and L16-16 kHz) and maintaining high fidelity audio throughout the system.

  • HD Conferencing
  • HD Recording & Playback
  • HD Messaging
  • HD Music
Click here for High Definition Voice Samples.


Wider Sampling of the Audio Spectrum: Capturing double the audio range of standard definition calls (7 kHz compared to 3.3 kHz for SD), HD Voice enables more life-like communication in your meetings.

Better Comprehension: HD Voice improves the intelligibility of your conferences. It is easier than ever to identify speakers, understand every word and follow the flow of the conversation.

Reduced Audio Fatigue: There is no need to strain to listen to what was said. With HD Voice, you hear every syllable.

Inclusive Collaboration: Even when HD Voice is enabled on the system, HD and Non-HD parties can be mixed within the same conference – allowing all parties to collaborate together. Only HD-capable participants will join via HD codecs.

Olympus HD App

The biggest challenge in expanding HD usage is meeting the need for HD-capable access points. If your clients do not already have HD-capable devices, it can be a hard sell to convince them to upgrade their infrastructure solely to support HD conferencing, but without an HD phone or client, the user’s audio will downsample to standard definition. What’s the solution? Leverage what’s already in your clients’ hands.

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