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Mission Critical

When the need is greatest...when the stakes are highest

The Compunetix Federal Systems Division (FSD) is a leading supplier of mission critical voice communications systems for command and control applications involving military test, rocket launch, satellite control, and air sovereignty. FSD’s products enable mission personnel to reliably and securely communicate with each other and with external users connected via radio, phone, and other voice circuits. The primary users of FSD systems are US Government agencies and all branches of the US Military.

FSD’s flagship product is the CONTEX® Mission Voice Platform (MVP). The MVP is a high-capacity mission voice switch, providing 2000+ conferences and scalable up to thousands of voice ports. Key MVP features are native support for both T1 and IP connectivity, integrated red/black access, and management of multiple sites from a single location. Mission operators interface with the system using a wide variety of Compunetix-built user consoles, including desktop, rack-mount, and red/black models.

MVP Switch

Mission User Consoles

All Compunetix products are designed, manufactured, tested, and supported from our headquarters near Pittsburgh, PA. Compunetix is a vertically integrated manufacturer overseeing all stages of production, from printed circuit board fabrication to staging of complete turnkey systems. Our unique structure gives us the ability to adapt to customer needs and provide outstanding lifetime support. Although the MVP is considered a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product, FSD’s staff of over 30 engineers stands ready to tailor the MVP for specific applications.

Around the world, Compunetix mission voice systems are engaged in supporting mission critical operations wherever the need for security and reliability is paramount. Contact us today to talk about how the MVP may satisfy your mission voice requirements.


Spotlight: CONTEX GTX

In mission critical communications, speed, accuracy, and visibility of information are necessary for success. The CONTEX® GTX, which is a user interface specifically designed for voice consoles Mission Criticalin U.S. air defense operations centers, takes a technological leap forward by enabling users to customize voice console screens with background text, images, and colors. This customization provides operators with important contextual information and gives more meaning to their displays. For example, background maps can show geographic locations of radios. Speed-dial buttons can be placed over a control room map, giving the ability to quickly dial other operators. Mission-specific instructions can be pushed to users in real time. The GTX greatly enhances user experience in any mission voice system where a large number of voice assets must be managed.


Standard and customized training is available at Compunetix in Monroeville, PA or at the customer’s site. Educational topics include MVP and mission instruments. Specific training classes are targeted to mission instruments users, administrators, and support personnel. Contact the Compunetix Federal Systems division for syllabus and pricing information.