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Audio Conferencing Solutions

The Standard for Voice Conferencing and Data Collaboration

Compunetix produces a complete line of hardware and software that sets the standard for audio conferencing and data collaboration, with hardware, software, and applications that work seamlessly together. Our systems power the next generation of unified communications with dedicated processors that provide the most reliable and best-sounding audio conferencing available in the market.


Summit Olympus


Large capacity, Hybrid Cloud, Service Provider HD Voice Conferencing Platform for Mixed Packet and Circuit Networks

Beginning as a dream of our expert engineers, the Summit Olympus fully realized into a landmark audio conferencing platform in the Compunetix product line.

Housing a complete collection of advanced hardware components, the Summit Olympus features unprecedented scale and improved performance while maintaining the rich feature functionality of Contex Collaboration System software.

Start hosting your next meeting with a single push of a button using our new HD App. Experience the superior audio quality of High Definition (HD) voice at the convenience of your mobile device, check out the new Olympus HD App.

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Small/Medium Enterprise UC Solution

The ConferenceManager5 (CM5) is a high definition, high capacity audio, web, and video system for large enterprise and industry specific workflows. This secure and reliable solution built for effective collaboration provides seamless access for administrators, users, and guests for operations, executive meetings, hearings, and more. Offering real-time call management, private conference rooms, and encrypted recording for future playback, CM5 provides the processing foundation for many of our crafted workflow solutions delivered across vertical segments such as the healthcare, e-justice, transportation, and financial organizations.

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Large-Scale, Feature-Rich, Secure, and JITC-Approved

No matter what your collaboration needs are, the Contex Summit will meet them. With a small footprint, virtually unlimited capacity, and rich features, the Contex Summit provides carrier-class reliability and functionality into environments where security and scalability are paramount.

The Contex Summit allows participants to “meet” at anytime, from anywhere in the world over the telephone or internet, with or without reservations. This global deployment platform helped launch the trend of Unified Communication and features documented system APIS for Advanced Application Development and Integration.

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Small/Medium Enterprise UC, Small-Scale JITC Solution

ConferenceManager2 is an in-house audio conferencing server that eliminates the costly pay-as-you-go fees of subscription-based services, and sets new standards for security and ease of use. Designed to work within existing voice and data networks — and available with a fully integrated web conferencing option — ConferenceManager2 has been deployed by hundreds of leading organizations with minimal cost, effort, or administration.

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HD Audio

High Definition (HD) Voice

Across industries, the ongoing introduction of high definition (HD) products is raising the standard of excellence. High definition video, crystal-clear televisions and powerful new cameras have all revolutionized the way customers experience those products, and now conferencing communication is poised for another dramatic technological advancement-astonishingly clear high definition (HD) voice.

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Conference Applications

Collaboration service providers and enterprises alike need the right applications to satisfy their customer’s particular requirements. Compunetix offers the correct blend of off-the-shelf and development toolkit solutions that enable you to build the function set your customers demand.



As a provider of large-scale conferencing call center applications for the past 30 years, Compunetix makes it easy to harness the full potential of our hardware solutions with excellent operations-based applications. From billing to operator management and back-end monitoring, our turn-key solutions will have you up and running fast.



Compunetix platforms have built in flexible and open Application Program Interfaces (apis) for a wide range of customization, development and integrations for both in-system and personalized development. We provide accurate parameters, specifications, and support for a seamless fit into your infrastructure.