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Video Conferencing Platform: EVERGREEN™

Reliable, Interoperable and Feature-Rich Video Conferencing Platform

Flawless, Secure Video for All Your Conferencing Requirements

Compunetix is an expert in developing, designing, and manufacturing custom video conferencing platforms for Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs), Enterprise Markets, and Government Agencies. In the competitive market for video conferencing solutions there are many options available to the average user, but are these “one-size-fits-all” solutions viable options for organizations that need to meet strict regulations and/or have unique requirements?

Government agencies and state and local government teams face unique challenges when establishing or modernizing their video conferencing platforms. Similarly, industries such as healthcare, retail, banking, and CSPs demand a very specific set of requirements that are not easily met by your average video conferencing solution. Complex requirements significantly limit the number of reliable options that are available to these organizations.

Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs)

Compunetix is the leader in providing reliable conferencing solutions by engineering solutions that are not only user friendly to end-users paying for service, but also to CSPs who require a unique set of back-end features that give them the ability to customize offerings to fit specific needs of the end user. This is no different when it comes to the EVERGREEN Video Conferencing MCU, which was designed and built with CSPs in mind. The EVERGREEN family of powerful video communication and collaboration can fulfill the diverse video and security needs of Conferencing Service Providers. Currently, the EVERGREEN system consists of three models to best fit the needs of different organizations.

When looking for a reliable Video Conferencing solution, it is easiest to categorize the requirements in three separate areas: before the conference, during the conference, and after the conference.

Before the Conference

Scalability is a key factor in providing a conferencing service. While many Conferencing Solution Providers are primarily focused on providing solutions directly to customers, Compunetix maintains focus on CSPs and engineering solutions that can handle the capacity needed to offer a conferencing service. Most CSPs cater to the corporate market, which often requires the capability to host and run large event conferences. Compunetix EVERGREEN platform has unmatched scalability within the video conferencing market and is equipped to hold up to 659 video connections at any one time.

The HD quality is unmatched with EVERGREEN. The flawless quality of the video is maintained if the call is between 2 parties or 200 parties. EVERGREEN systems employ full transcoding on every port, resulting in the highest quality audio and video experience for each participant, independent of the capabilities of the other endpoints in the call.

Reliability and security are two other necessities that CSPs must be sure of before choosing a platform. While the EVERGREEN offers built-in, multi-level security, the CSP may want to provide an additional layer of security by offering certain customers a dedicated ethernet network. In addition to adding another layer of protection from hackers or intruders, offering a dedicated network to your most important customers will guarantee bandwidth, providing the best quality a CSP’s VIP clients require.

The system also needs to be able to create partitions between customer accounts. This allows the CSP to allocate conference resources for each specific customer so that each customer has their own account with contacts, video terminal connections, ports, etc.

Lastly, the EVERGREEN platform family gives CSPs the capability to offer both attended and unattended conferencing services. If the customer would like an operator attended service, the operator can dial out to customers prior to the start of the meeting to greet them and connect them to the conference. Choosing an attended conferencing service will also allow customers to reach the operator if they experience any technical difficulties and/or need assistance.

During the Conference

As a CSP it is important to have the ability to access and adjust conference settings at any time necessary, even while live meetings are taking place. This could include adjusting the layout or volume, sending messages to end-users, disconnecting parties, locking or unlocking conferences, facilitating roll call, and much more. In addition, CSP administrators may periodically scan for voice quality of live conferences, run diagnostics of the connection, and check how participants connected to the conference (end point, web, phone, etc.). These capabilities are very important for CSPs to operate efficiently and offer a service, while also having back-end capabilities that most solutions do not offer.

Another back-end feature that is crucial for the CSP is an interface that allows a dedicated operator to assist users during live conferences. On the Compunetix EVERGREEN platform, this is done by the end-user dialing *0, which notifies the operator that assistance is needed in that particular conference. The operator can then either enter the conference to address the issue or speak to the host privately while troubleshooting.

In certain situations (investor relations, remote training, live surgeries, etc.), calls need to be managed in a Question and Answer session format, where all participants are automatically muted when they enter the call and during the lecture portion, but have the ability to submit questions in an ordered manner. This function is moderated in a specialized interface, shown below:

Evergreen, Video Conferencing Platform: EVERGREEN™

After the Conference

The primary function needed post-conference for the CSP is the ability to track usage of customers to be billed. For this, the EVERGREEN platform has customizable billing and usage reports that can be tailored for each customer account based on their service package. This intuitive solution allows CSPs to accurately and efficiently track and bill customers with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

The EVERGREEN family of powerful video communication and collaboration can fulfill the diverse video and security needs of Conferencing Service Providers. Currently, the EVERGREEN system consists of three models to best fit the needs of different organizations.

Customizing Conference Service

Feature-Sets and Role Creation

In order to provide a state-of-the-art conferencing service, CSPs need the ability to customize each offer to fit individual customer needs. In addition to specifying features, the CSP has the ability to create classes of service within each customer account. This allows the customer to limit the capabilities of lower-level users while giving full access to administrators, etc. Creating these classes of service or roles may sound like a complex process, but this is not the case. The EVERGREEN platform allows for the simple creation of roles within each account as needed using the user-friendly interface, shown below:

Evergreen, Video Conferencing Platform: EVERGREEN™
Role Creation Interface

In addition to creating roles for customers, CSPs use this same tool to create system access profiles for their own personnel (scheduler, operator, senior operator, system administrator, etc.).

Customization and Branding

The EVERGREEN platform family can easily be customized and branded to align with customer themes. Branding can be done to the interface hold screen and messages as well as the web interface as a whole. These customizations include incorporation of customer logo, color themes, features and even a custom URL link. Having a customizable interface is crucial to many large corporate customers who require branding in order maintain uniformity throughout their business.

This unique set of capabilities sets the EVERGREEN Video Conferencing platform family apart from its many competitors. The EVERGREEN is built with the CSP in mind and has the scalability, quality, security, reliability, and robust feature-set needed to provide CSPs a comprehensive solution that is easily managed and configured to offer customers top quality video conferencing services.

EVERGREEN Video Collaboration Solutions

The EVERGREEN family is a reliable, interoperable, and feature-rich video conferencing platform, that currently consists of three models to meet the needs of different organizations.

EVERGREEN Cedar – tailored to meet the specific needs of the enterprise market, this system facilitates dependable, feature-rich video conferencing for small businesses looking for an innovative and secure in-house solution.

EVERGREEN Cypress – with its modest footprint, optional full redundancy, and expanded growth capacity, the Cypress is the ideal video conferencing platform for medium-sized businesses and small CSPs.

EVERGREEN Sequoia – the largest member of the EVERGREEN family, the Sequoia, is designed to fulfill the requirements of large businesses and service providers. With the greatest growth capacity of the EVERGREEN line, multiple Sequoia systems can scale to thousands of video ports.

Companion Web

Web Browser Video Access (WebRTC – No Downloads Required)

Companion Web is a web-based video collaboration solution built with dynamic WebRTC technologies. Combined with the EVERGREEN platform, this reliable, customizable, and intuitive platform lets end users take the leap into the next generation of high-quality remote video communications. Its easy-to-use video interfaces streamline communication and simplify the experience for all users. Companion Web seamlessly supports one-on-one and multi-point collaboration either for Web-only or mixed (WebRTC + H.323/SIP endpoints) conferences. With no downloads required, it couldn’t be easier to experience the unmatched quality and feature-rich capabilities of Companion Web.

Use Companion Web to:

  • Easily access meetings (one click required)
  • Connect web participants with professional video conferencing room systems (H.323/SIP devices)
  • Provide a customized video user experience
  • Experience high quality video access


  • Two-way content sharing: Share presentations and applications with meeting participants from any platform or device
  • Security: Encrypted video connection
  • Chat: Enable chat for the meeting participants
  • Scheduling and Email/SMS Invitation: Easily schedule the video call and easily send the invite to participants
  • Call Recording: Manual and automatic recording