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A company that continues to grow and innovate more than 50 years after its inception is impressive

In the technology industry this is quite an accomplishment. Compunetix achieves this continued growth and its consistent relevance in the ever-changing technology industry, by maintaining a dedication to reliability, dependability, and quality of service that often takes a second seat with other technology companies.

Compunetix is the leading developer of converged VoIP, voice, video, and data collaboration and conferencing applications for service providers, government, and corporate enterprise markets. The Summit Olympus™ and EVERGREEN™ platforms seamlessly bridge networks and users, enabling powerful collaboration. Combined with world-class support and innovative professional services, Compunetix delivers the right solution, every time.

Compunetix also boasts feature-rich software applications that work with flexible and open APIs for unlimited collaboration possibilities that increase productivity and your bottom line. New HD audio voice takes collaboration to a whole new level. In short, it’s the world’s most popular audio conference bridge solution. We’re on your wavelength.

Who Are We?

Compunetix is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated electronics, delivering the communication industry’s largest worldwide deployment of digital collaboration platforms.

This is a quiet company, but it sure made a loud impact in this industry.

aboutSince 1968 Compunetix has been providing advanced communications solutions all over the world, building and maintaining a reputation for reliability, customer service, product quality and technological excellence that others simply cannot match.

Compunetix is a financially stable company that invests approximately 20% of our profit annually to research and development.

Frankly, some of the money we invest in R&D is money we do not invest in aggressive marketing. Instead, at Compunetix we let our list of long-term clients do the talking for us. After all, a company is judged by the company it keeps. A look at the Compunetix roster of customers shows a list of organizations–including government, military and the top-level corporations–that demand the highest standards of quality, dependability and integrity.

A look at the Compunetix history, the internal workings of our organization, and our achievements shows that Compunetix embodies the important corporate values too often missing in many organizations today, particularly in the fast-changing world of technology. Compunetix customers are confident that we will be here for them tomorrow, next year, and for years after that.

Our People

Compunetix hires only the finest minds in technology, men and women who share the Compunetix dedication to excellence. Their reward is working in an environment of intellectual innovation and professionalism, where an open exchange of ideas is encouraged, where great work is admired and respected above all, and where they, the employees, are the company’s largest shareholders. It is this superb teamwork that allows Compunetix to be the company that remains at the forefront of the “technology of cooperation.

  • Michael Hockenberry
  • President and Director
  • Sabina Coraluppi
  • Director
  • Enrico Dolazza
  • Director | Technical Vice President Analogic Corporation
  • Joseph Kasunich
  • Senior Vice President and Director | Chief Operating Officer | Manager, Instrumentation Systems Division
  • Gerard Pompa
  • Senior Vice President and Director | Manager, Communications Systems Division
  • Daniel Watkins
  • Director of Software Engineering
  • Keith Marcon
  • Chief Financial Officer | Treasurer and Assistant Secretary
  • Ansel M. Schwartz
  • Secretary Attorney-at-Law