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Quick, Quality, Lifetime Support for Every Product

When a customer has a question, Compunetix provides the answer. The consistently high standard of Compunetix support is one reason why Compunetix customers stay Compunetix customers–year after year. Compunetix support personnel are highly trained and well-versed in all aspects of Compunetix products and services. Importantly, these service personnel are based in the same location as those who designed, engineered and manufactured the products. Should a question arise that a support staff person is unable to answer, the solution is always close by.

For assistance for your particular product or products, see below:

Voice/Data Collaboration

For Support or Maintenance information on the full array of Compunetix Voice/Data Collaboration products and applications:

Helpdesk (24×7): 800-674-3351 | +1 412-858-7174
Support (24×7): csdsupport@compunetix.com
Maintenance: csdsales@compunetix.com

Sonexis Customer Care Portal

Video Conferencing

For support/maintenance information on all Compunetix Video Conferencing platforms, software and applications, including EVERGREEN™ and Companion:

Telephone: 412-373-8110
Support: vsdsupport@compunetix.com
Maintenance: vsdsales@compunetix.com

Mission-Critical Systems

For support/maintenance information on all Compunetix Mission-Critical Systems products and services:

Telephone: 412-373-8110
Support: fsdsupport@compunetix.com
Maintenance: fsdsales@compunetix.com

Electronics Manufacturing

For Compunetix Electronics Manufacturing support/maintenance information:

Telephone: 412-373-8110
Support: isdsupport@compunetix.com
Maintenance: isdsales@compunetix.com