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Fist Bump for Unified Collaboration

Replace In-Person Business Workflows with Unified Collaboration

Before the widespread adoption of cloud services and applications, businesses used local area networks and intranet sites as primary tools for streamlining workflows. Over the past few years, workers have been adopting cloud-based productivity software and virtual collaboration solutions to …

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Better Technology Platforms for a Hybrid World

The past three year have confirmed that the future of work is hybrid. Forbes recently revealed that 73 percent of knowledge workers want to divide their time between home and office; only 7 percent want to go back to the …

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Compunetix EVERGREEN

New Features to Enhance the EVERGREEN™ Video Conferencing Platform

Compunetix EVERGREEN is a reliable, feature-rich, and interoperable video conferencing platform. The EVERGREEN family of powerful video communication and collaboration platforms has been carefully cultivated to fulfill the diverse video and security needs of enterprise users, Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs), …

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Hybrid Work Environment

The Future of Flexibility

Flexible work policies can be effective in almost any industry. The COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted the corporate 9 – 5 schedule as the world suddenly shifted to remote work. Today, many organizations offer a blended or hybrid model, giving employees …

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Hiring from Afar

The U.S. job market has experienced unrivaled economic uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And although some companies have implemented a hiring freeze, others are ramping up recruiting efforts to fill critical positions in response to the current crisis. Video conferencing …

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Compunetix Secure Video Conferencing Solutions

How secure are your conference calls? Organizations across the globe are questioning the security and privacy of their conference calls as millions of people transition to remote work.

Collaboration tools are vital and when communicating confidential business information from a …

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Prison Communications by Compunetix

Corrections Forum Magazine Details the Impact of Compunetix WebRTC

Corrections Forum Magazine has recently reviewed the technology provided by Compunetix called Companion. Utilizing WebRTC (real time communication) technology, Companion can be used with a standard web browser such as Chrome or Mozilla which revolutionizes prison visits by enabling …

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