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Video Call Center™

The Next Generation Video Chat for Customer Engagement

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Built on WebRTC, allows one-click video connection without any download. Connect video calls from any device. Support PSTN audio to WebRTC integration.

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Call Center Functionality

Enable call center features, i.e. Intelligent Call Routing, Multiple Queues, Call Transfer, Call Escalation

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Support encrypted Video Connection with HIPAA compliance for Telehealth applications. Available as cloud or dedicated deployment

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The Video Call Center is a web-based transfer solution built with dynamic WebRTC technologies. WebRTC, or Web Real-Time Communication, is a method of communicating through voice, data, or video using Web Browsers. Seizing upon the opportunity to utilize this cutting edge communication technology, Compunetix has created the Video Call Center as a user-friendly solution to help alleviate the poor customer experience generally associated with web communication. The reliability and customizablity of this intuitive solution lets users take the leap into the next generation of high quality remote video communications with patients and customers alike.


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Call Center Features

Real Time Video Call Transfer
Make sure that the customer quickly connects with the right agent. The customer video connection can be transferred in real time from the call center agent to your specialist.
Access statistics and metrics to measure and monitor the call center performance.

Multi-party Call
Benefit from multi-party call capabilities to bring in another agent or specialist in your customer video call, either by video or phone.

Video Call Center Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency

Easily create groups and sub-groups for the right allocation of your call center staff based on your business needs.

Call Monitoring
Allow the supervisor to privately monitor the client–agent interaction for quality control and operational efficiency.

Video Call Center Enriched Customer Experience
Enriched Customer Experience

Collaboration Functionalities
Do more during your customer encounter with Video Call Center advanced collaboration functionalities. Features include application sharing, file transfer, chat, call recording, and more.

See where your customer is calling from on the embedded Video Call Center map, in order to provide the best local support.

Video connect at the best time for your customer and agent with appointment scheduling.

Video Call Center Brandable and Customized Experience
Brandable and Customized Experience

Customize the entrance form for your customers and seamlessly embed your website themes in the Video Call Center experience. Show custom video or images on hold while the customer is waiting to be connected.