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The REI-8 is intended for use in the harsh environments of shipboard applications and can be used both indoors or outdoors. The REI-8 user console features an 8 inch wide touchscreen display coupled with a DAP (digital audio processor) module. The REI-8 connects to the MVP switch over IP to either a red or a black voice network. The console is designed for IP67 waterproofing, and it has also been designed to meet MIL-S-901D shock and MILSTD-167 vibration standards. The resistive touchscreen provides fast and accurate touch response and has a mounting pattern for legacy shipboard use. The REI-8 features two headset/handset ports, a front panel PTT button and microphone, status LEDs, two tactile digital rotary controls for selection and volume adjustment, an internal speaker, a footswitch connection, and input/output audio jacks. Each unit can display 10 private pages and 250 shared pages of line keys. Each page can be customized with a background image (map, ops floor layout, etc.) and augmented with text, color panels, and additional images (emblems, checklists, phone lists, etc.). Conference line keys can be placed anywhere on the page and are not confined to a grid. The REI-8 also provides up to 35 user-configurable function buttons.