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The MC-D8 II desktop user console features an 8 inch (800 x 480) widescreen display coupled with an SDAP (secure digital audio processor) module. The MC-D8 II connects to red and black MVP voice networks over an IP connection and is TEMPEST/1-13 certified to maintain separation between them. Its small footprint and high line key density makes it ideal for restrictive desk space situations. The capacitive touchscreen provides fast and accurate touch response. This mission console provides powerful processor technology, Secure Boot, and IPv4/IPv6 support. Built-in 90W speakers allow use in noisy environments. The console utilizes tactile user friendly volume knobs, multi-color LED indicators, and a customizable GTX graphical user interface. Each of its 10 private pages and 250 shared pages can be customized with a background image (map, ops floor layout, etc.) and augmented with text, color panels, and additional images (emblems, checklists, phone lists, etc.). Red and black conference line keys can be placed anywhere on the page and are not confined to a grid. The MC-D8 II also provides 10 fixed and up to 35 user-configurable function buttons. The MC-D8 II is dual-homed. That is, it can connect with two different MVP platforms, one at a time. The user can easily switch between the two MVP platforms from their Login window. Each unit includes an angle-adjustable VESA-mount rear leg and a removable handset cradle. The MC-D8 II has two front panel headset jacks. A dual external jack box can be added to increase the number of headset jacks to four.