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The CDI 17 and CDI 17 II feature a 17 inch touch screen coupled with a Compunetix DAP or SDAP and a PC. The CDI is identical to the TDI, except that the GT software runs on the PC. This allows the PC screen to be shared with other customer applications. For example, in addition to showing the GT user interface, the PC screen could display other information such as telemetry, UAV flight status, or streaming video. GT can be displayed full screen (4 pages of 48 line keys) or in a smaller window-based “Minibar” mode that covers a portion of the display. Up to four headsets (two dual jack boxes), a speaker, and footswitch can be connected to the DAP/SDAP. The DAP/SDAP host the connections to the MVP switch over either an IP network or a T1 line (through KTMX box). The TDI-17 supports the Wideband Audio Module (WAM) which allows the user to integrate high-fidelity audio into their local mission voice environment.