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Employee Benefits

The finest co-workers and the superb benefits you deserve

Group Insurance

We offer a comprehensive group insurance program that provides coverage for employees and their families. This program is offered equally to all full-time employees and includes comprehensive medical, vision and dental coverage and company-paid life, accident, and disability insurance.

Educational Benefits

We offer a continuing education program that bears a percentage of the cost so that employees will enroll in a broad range of academic and training programs.

Professional Societies

We offer reimbursements for the cost of membership in one professional society as approved by a direct supervisor.

Employee Benefits

Health Club Membership

We offer all full-time employees a membership to the fitness center of your choice.

Paid Time Off

All employees (other than temporary) are eligible to earn Paid Time Off on a monthly basis to cover vacation, sick and personal time off.  PTO benefits increase with seniority.  Additionally, the Company provides 7 ½ paid holidays per year.

Profit Sharing Plan

We offer full-time employees a Profit Sharing Plan. The purpose of this plan is to create a system of sharing the Company’s profits with its employees and at the same time provide a source of financial security for them upon their retirement.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

We offer full-time employees an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which provides them with a way to acquire and own common stock of the Company.

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